The Ge Lab

Welcome to our Antibody Discovery Lab at University of California Riverside

Biomodel group


Thank you for stopping by.  We are interested in developing novel technologies for  facile discovery and engineering of bio-pharmaceuticals, such as inhibitory and neutralizing antibodies and therapeutic enzymes, which are biomedically important but challenging for current technologies. 

Openings for graduate students and postdocs are currently available. 



October 2020, our MMP mAbs are licensed to Releviate Therapeutics (Link)

September 2020, PhD student Sangcheon Lee joins lab. Welcome Mr Lee.

September 2020, Dr. Hyunjun Choe joins us as postdoc fellow from U Florida. Welcome Choe! 

September 2020, Master student Minhyo Kang joins our lab. Welcome Ms Kang. 

June 2020, Ki Baek defenses his Ph.D. Congratulations, Dr. Lee!

June 2020, Zening advances to PhD candidacy. Congratulations! 

September 2019, Biochemistry PhD student Ngoc Huynh joins our lab. Welcome!

July 2019, Tyler's paper about functional selection of mAbs is published in PNAS! (Link)

May 2019, Ki Baek is awarded Dissertation Year Program Fellowship for two quarters. Congratulations! 

March 2019, Tyler starts his new position at Element Biosciences. 

December 2018, we license our MMP-9 inhibitory mAbs to Maverick Therapeutics. 

October 2018, Ki Baek wins a highly competitive fellowship supported by Mogam Science Scholarship Foundation. 

October 2018, Welcome new PhD student Zening Wang joins our group. 

September 2018, Tyler defenses his Ph.D. Congratulations, Dr. Lopez! 

April 2018, Tyler receives Dissertation Year Program Fellowship. Congratulations! 

February 2018, Zachary wins Undergraduate Education Minigrant. 

February 2018, UCR MolMed TransFund Award supports our research on pain relief mAbs. 

October 2017, World Journal (Chinese) reports our research on anti-cancer antibodies (Link)

August 2017, Cathy defenses her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Li! 

August 2017, Chuan has a baby boy! Welcome him to the planet Earth! 

June 2017, Long defenses his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Chen! 

May 2017, Tyler wins Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship. Congratulations! 

April 2017, We move to a newly renovated 1200 sqft lab space at Bourns Hall B252 

March 2017, Peter starts his job at Xencor. We wish him the best  

December 2016, Peter's paper is published in PNAS. Congratulations! (Link

October 2016, Dr. Chuan Chen joins us as a postdoc fellow. Welcome! 

August 2016, Carlos starts his Ph.D. journey at RPI. We wish you the very best of luck 

April 2016, Carlos wins Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research (annually to two graduating seniors)

April 2016, NIH supports our antibody research (R01 GM115672) 

March 2016, City of Hope - UCR research initiative supports our project on anti-fungal CAR-T cell  

February 2016, USDA supports our project on diagnosis of Huanglongbing (also known as citrus greening disease, PI Wenbo Ma)

December 2015, Bioengineering Ph.D. student Matthew Chow joined us. Welcome! 

September 2015, Ph.D. student Kibaek Lee joins us. Welcome!

June 2015, California Breast Cancer Research Program supports our research 

May 2015, Peter successfully defends his PhD. Congrats to now Dr. Nam! 

January 2015, Prof. Ge wins NSF CAREER award for research on antibody discovery and engineering 

January 2015, Undergraduate Humberto Scott Sanchez wins HSI Undergraduate Research award. Congrats, Scott!

September 2014, Welcome Ph.D. student Tyler Lopez and M.S. student Elmer Wei joining our group!  

June 2014, Kuili defines his M.S. thesis. Congrats! 

May 2014, Cathy advances to be a Ph.D. Candidate 

April 2014, Peter wins prestigious Dissertation Year Program Fellowship! 

April 2014, NSF supports our research on biocatalysis 

February 2014, Peter wins highly competitive Graduate Dean's Dissertation Research Grant. Congratulations! 

December 2013, Ph.D. student Long Chen joins us. Welcome! 

November 2013, Carlos wins CaSGC Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations! 

November  2013, Peter wins Earl C. Anthony Travel Award  

November 2013, NSF supports our research on biofuels 

November 2013, Greg, Peter and Cathy present their works at AIChE in San Francisco 

October 2013, Visiting Researcher Dr. Yuting Hu joins us 

August 2013, UCR Collaborative Seed Grant supports our research on infection treatment 

July 2013, King High junior Divya joins us for summer research 

June 2013, Peter's paper published in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 

May 2013, UC Cancer supports our research on antibody engineering 

March 2013, Undergraduates Carlos and Johny win HSI Undergraduate Research awards

January 2013, Undergraduate Carlos Rodriguez wins HSI Undergraduate Research award. Congratulations, Carlos!

January 2013, Welcome to the group, Biochemistry Master student Cathy Li

November 2012, Master student Kuili Fang joins the group. Welcome, Kuili!

October 2012, Our collaborator Dr. Martínez-Jiménez and his Ph.D. student Ivan Múñoz-Gutiérrez visit our group

September 2012, Peter wins the best presentation award in departmental symposium. Good job, Peter!

July 2012, Ph.D. student Greg Jacobson joins the group

June 2012, UC MexUS funds our project on biopolymer synthesis

July 2011, Welcome to our new lab, Ph.D. student Peter Nam